No.U6 PU

Competition Boxing Gloves Leather PU

Color : Red,blue
Price: 990.00 ฿

PU Competition Boxing Gloves
Color: Red, Blue
U6: Size : 6 OZ
Price : per pair 990 baht.
U8: Size : 8 OZ
Price: per pair 1,010 baht.
U10: Size: 10 OZ
Price: per pair 1,040 baht.
U12: Size: 12 OZ
Price: per pair 1,070 baht.
U14: Size: 14 OZ
Price: per pair 1,100 baht.
U16: Size: 16 OZ
Price: per pair 1,130 baht.
U18: Size: 18 OZ
Price: per pair 1,160 baht.

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